Consultation: Vascular Age and Stress Evaluation


Your first visit comes with a comprehensive health history assessment including your vascular age and stress level evaluation.  Your blood circulation stage and blood coagulation status will be recorded and a simply questionnaire of your current health condition will be asked.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – which encompasses acupuncture and other modalities – energy flow and whole-body interaction are the keys to diagnosing all physical issue.  

Based on information you provided and our physical assessment, we will recommend the best treatment that suitable your current health condition. 


  • Ideal for patients who easily get stressed and can't stop thinking 

  • for those who are difficult to sleep due to anxiety and emotional disturbance 

  • 7 times/set ( A trial session available) 

  • followed by a scheduled treatment plan 

  • Included an balancing acupuncture (20m), Detox cupping (10m) + Destress acupuncture with a FREE Hot relaxing massaging chair therapy (20m) 


  • Ideal for those who needs a long term treatment such as Traumatic Injury 

  • Patient who experience stress on daily basis

  • Patient who has weak and cold body constitution 

  • Boost Immune system, activate healing 

  • Therapy includes Acupuncture , Cupping with a FREE Hot relaxing massage chair ther

Traditional Massage

  • Ideal for body relaxation and stress relief

Guasha (Scraping)

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